The keyboard and mouse are wireless or with wires?


When to buy a new computer, either piece by piece or already assembled, we pay attention to many of its components, from the processor to the graphics card are evaluated to ensure that they meet our needs. However, There are also other elements of our PC that is not always the importance they deserve.

Both the keyboard and mouse are the peripheral ports most used, because without them we could not operate our computer. There are a variety of models with different characteristics, however at a more basic level we make the following distinction: wireless or with wires.

Keyboards and wireless mice
It is clear that wireless mice have great benefits as it allows us greater independence. We can use the mouse without the need to find us just in front of our computers, in the same way that we don't have to fight with cables at the time of move it.

In regards to the cons of this technology we find that it may take a little longer to respond, the time is almost imperceptible but it's there. On the other hand, to the go on occasions, radiofrequency, you can find interference caused by various elements of our home.

Keyboards and mice by cable
In regards to the peripherals of our computer that come with connection cables allow for a faster response, avoiding the interference at a cost much smaller than the wireless.

The disadvantages are that the cables can be somewhat annoying, especially in regards to the mouse that requires higher mobility.

We will have to pay attention to our needs to decide which of the two options is the one that suits us.

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