Syscel puts at the disposal of the companies of all their knowledge and experience oriented to give to know and advise on the latest technologies available, to obtain the maximum performance of the same, always under the umbrella policy, and with some very competitive costs.


In Syscel we can advise you as to all the technological resources that the company invest to have an impact in the most efficient and competitive. We are specialized in giving a answer and solution any problem that is present in the day-to-day of a form fast, Agile, professional and fully custom with the aim of their activity did not stop.


We perform a previous study of the infrastructure technology and computer with the account of the company, the problems and incidents day-to-day , the state of the communications and the security in the same and, from this information we prepare a customized report and detailed the necessary improvements, the resources used, the analysis of costs, as well as the proper advice for the improvement or better utilization of the resources available to that have an impact on a better optimization of the same, and therefore in a higher productivity of the company at a cost of production lower.


We promote your company through technology

We are a technological Partner competitive in offering services integrated with everything you need to maximise the performance of ICT at your company. We transform their needs in technological solutions we propose and execute a complete, through our different business areas.

  • Consultancy and design of projects for the implementation of ICT systems
  • Implementation of local networksand wireless (WIFI, Satellite, LAN, WLAN)
  • Setup, maintenance and optimization of all equipment microcomputing for jobs (PC, smarts device)
  • Selection and assignment of qualified personnel for technical tasks
  • Handling of incidents and remote technical support and on site
  • Implementation of technological solutions based on smart devices: marketing digital, surveillance, access control, energy efficiency
  • Development of applications software in the cloud for resource management, and telecommunications

Everything you need to get the maximum out of ICT in a same service.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing has become a key factor in the balance of technology companies of all sizes and sectors. The profitability of the applications in the cloud lies in the outsourcing of the necessary infrastructure and management hardware/software, that means a saving in costs and the management expert of ICT resources in the service of the company.

Syscel progresses towards the design of applications in the cloud that offer ever better performance and achieve operational processes that until now have not been optimized. Our ability to software development is supported in the creativity, experience and knowledge of our team of professionals, put to the test on the solutions that we have implemented for the marketing of products and services along with the management and customer in different sectors.

Our applications in the cloud, automate work processes and allow access to relevant information for decision making across multiple devices and at any time and place.



Essential to ensure the security of any computer network
Optimization of the e-mail service
Fast, reliable and safe with the best quality / price
Access to the Internet under control
Access to the Internet in a safe and controlled way
Ensure the availability of their servers and maximize your performance
Increase the effectiveness of their resources HW through virtualization of services
The proper management of your backups ensures the continuity of your business
IP telephony
Increases on cost-effectiveness, flexibility and ease of management
It guarantees the security of your internal network from the outside
Cloud Computing
How and when the company can migrate to the cloud?



Select the support option that you require and find service and support for your products office automation, computer and software, a quick and easy way. If you do not find what you need, have any questions, or need to perform any other type of query, Please, please contact us



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