We have the best multifunctional market with applications tailored to the needs of your company, to make the distribution and archiving of paper documents into simple digital processes, fast and efficient. OCR solution that allows you to transform documents image documents editable text. Use your multifunctional Fax systems in the cloud.Simplify your processes of document scanning.

Organic, archive, share and retrieve your documents easily. Manages all documents of your business, in such a way that you can store them safely and find them when you need them. electronically store all your documents for quick searches and queries. Optimize your work processes performing the exercises digitally. Save cost incorporating the electronic invoice to your business processes.


Print your forms and business documents from any environment. Solution of advanced printing that allows that the end user can customize the printing, finishing and distribution of printed documents. Solution to print bar code from PCL devices , sistemas ERP SAP Microsoft Dynamics most Com. Solution print codes PCL fonts Unicode and barcode that allows you to print international devices.

Optimize, control and manage your devices local or remote. Monitor and configure remotely the printing equipment. Web application for the management of large parks print. Application for the provision of services remote management proactive of the park by the partners.



Manage the costs associated with their multifunctional and protect the assets of your company. Application HyPAS for the control of the realization of copies in color multifunction devices. The Kit Card Authentication allows you to perform a comprehensive control of the use of the printing equipment.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the solutions of printing and scanning mobility. App for printing from Apple devices compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad and Android. Print documents from Apple devices without installing any applications or drivers. Connect your Multifunction devices with Google Drive and Evernote.



Discover our industry-specific solutions, these programs are tailored to the needs of your company thanks to the customization capability built-in.


Discover the software that fits your business, Management programmes with a modular system.

With a modular system management programs, customizable and adaptable to ANY COMPANY OR SME with the possibility to grow in the measure in which it is necessary to incorporate new functionalities, thanks to the different modules that includes.

Our management programs are tailored to your needs and thanks to the customization it is possible to configure the following aspects:

  • FIELDS: Expand fields fully operational to the database.
  • REPORTS: Customize printing formats to their every whim.
  • SCREENS: Adapt the screens of the program to your needs
  • LANGUAGES: Select the language of the program according to the user.
  • USER PROFILES: Create user profiles with custom settings.
  • SCRIPTS: Create and develop your own Scripts the easy way.

Plan your SHOPPING comfortably. Enjoy a full cycle of SALES. Manage your TREASURY. Managing the TRACEABILITY of their products in a simple way. Create COMPOSITE ARTICLES. Set a PRESENCE CONTROL. All MANUFACTURING PROCESSES under control. Module of MOBILITY. Manage their REPAIRS quickly and easily. Comprehensive control of their PROCESSES. CRM experience to retain customers. Electronic invoice. Unlimited reports. E-mail server and many features more.

A software development attached to their work processes supposed gain in performance, control and safety to tackle any project with solvency. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions without the need for large initial outlays, states, to the total versatility and flexibility of our programs.

We generate a neat offer for each of our solutions, including agreements with manufacturers, knowledge of technologies and products, experience in each type of project, and mainly the vocation of service to our customers is our brand identity.


  • Innovation with the collaboration of the major manufacturers we released the most advanced technologies, to be able to offer you the right solution from among those available.
  • Security to customers of products and services, and manufacturers endorse the confidence our work, and the constant pursuit of value for you.
  • Knowledge in the area distribution of products and the provision of services, What gives us an in-depth look at the advantages and characteristics of each solution.
  • Experience of more than 12 years ago, coupled with the high degree of satisfaction of our clients, attest to the confidence that you can deposit in our company.



The business management of the large companies within the reach of all, a new way of controlling billing, customers, inventories, reports and more quick and convenient as possible.

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